Giving Vehicles

A straightforward way to make a gift to the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto is by cash, cheque or credit card. This may be a n attractive way to give if you have cash readily available and wish to make a donation.
We are able to invest the donation immediately to generate funds to support charity and you enjoy immediate tax savings. If you wish to liquidate an asset to make a cash gift, consider giving the asset rather than cash. There may be tax advantages to doing this, particularly with appreciated securities.

Gifts of Appreciated Securities
Making a gift of appreciated securities to the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto can have many tax and financial benefits. Under the Federal Budget released in May 2006, the capital gains tax was
eliminated. This benefit is only available for gifts of publicly-traded securities to charities such as the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto.
  • Use appreciated securities to establish a Donor Advised Fund or other type of fund at the Jewish Foundation
  • Benefit from the elimination of paying capital gains tax on securities donated to

Gifts Of Life Insurance

Life Insurance is an advantageous way to fund an endowment at modest current costs. Purchase a new policy designating the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto as owner and beneficiary, or transfer an existing policy to the Jewish Foundation.

  • Annual policy premium payments are all treated as charitable tax deductions
  • Offers current tax benefits to you or future tax benefits to your estate
  • Guarantees future financial support for organizations important to you
  • A thoughtful way to continue your support of the Jewish community

Gifts of RRSP's and RRIF's
Pension plans can be subject to high taxes when left in your estate. By transferring them in whole or in part to a charity, you avoid being penalized while providing important resources to our community.
  • Offers substantial tax benefits for your estate
  • Provides resources for organizations important to you
  • A thoughtful way to continue your support of the Jewish community

Charitable Bequest
A Charitable Bequest is a simple and thoughtful way to leave a legacy. Whether it is a set dollar amount or a percentage of your estate, a bequest in your will can allow you to make a difference for generations to come.
  • Established through your will
  • May be made in any amount
  • Provides a tax deduction for your estate
  • A thoughtful way to continue your support of the Jewish community

CharitablE Remainder Trust (CRT)
  • Leave a capital donation of assets or real estate to the Jewish Foundation and receive an immediate tax receipt  
  • Benefit from the income of the assets or use of the property during your lifetime

Real Estate

Works of Art & Cultural Items

Private Company Shares

Please contact the Jewish Foundation to facilitate any gifts you may wish to donate toward the establishment of an endowment fund.
T. 416.631.5703 | F. 416.631.5701 | E.