Helen & David Wm. Brown

It's not about us. It's about our children.

It's not about the past, or even the present. It's about the future.

Sarah Edite Brown, our elder daughter, was born July 9, 1989. Named after her Zaidy Sam Segal's sister Sarah, who perished in the Holocaust, and her Zaidy Al G. Brown's sister Edith, Sarah is a strong, moral, and determined young lady. A graduate of Associated Hebrew Schools and the Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto (CHAT), Sarah is off this year to Midreshet Lindenbaum in Israel. Afterwards, she will attend university outside of Toronto. Her life and ours will enter a new stage.

Pnina Devorah Brown was born August 6, 1992. She was named after her Bubbie Shirley Brown's brother Paul and Rose Segal's sister Devorah. Pnina also graduated from Associated and currently studies at Tanenbaum CHAT. Her future plans are yet to be revealed. Pnina, our pearl, as her name signifies, has depth of character and is wise beyond her years. She is devoted to her family and her friends, and committed to her beliefs and to her love of all Hashem's creatures.

Both Sarah and Pnina have been blessed with a cadre of wonderful friends, young women and men who care not only about, but for each other. We have watched them grow. We have shared in their simchot and cried at their losses.

It is truly remarkable to watch and nurture the development of a generation, to marvel in their accomplishments even as we watch our own generation grow older and begin to fill the shoes of those who came before us.

And so, it is about our children and the future. Our community, our institutions, and our synagogues are all in their hands. We do what we do for our children. And they are not disappointing us. Our daughters and their friends are becoming truly committed Jews and members of society, human beings with a conscience and a purpose. They are the proud bearers of our tradition and our Torah.

So to those to whom we gave the Gift of Life — to you, our daughters, and to all your friends — we dedicate this page in the Book of Life.

Love, Mom and Aba


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