How to Grant


Making a grant to a Canadian registered charity through your Fund is an easy process, and the Jewish Foundation team is always here to help.


How do I recommend a grant?

You may recommend a grant in one of the following ways:

a) By contacting your fund manager at the Jewish Foundation to discuss your grant recommendation(s) and a form will be sent to you for signature

b) By completing the grant recommendation form found here: Grant Recommendation Form.


Once we have verified the organization’s charitable status and completed other due diligence work, we will issue the grant to the organization.

Grants are approved and processed on a bi-monthly basis.

Who you can support through your Fund

We are a public foundation and a registered charity and as such we can provide grants to qualified recipients as defined by Canadian Revenue Agency. This list includes:


  • registered Canadian charities
  • registered Canadian amateur athletic associations
  • registered national arts service organizations
  • municipalities, provinces, territories and the federal government
  • certain universities outside Canada
  • and more.


Is your grant supporting an event, a scholarship or a membership at an organization? Certain government rules may apply. 

If you are unsure if the organization you wish to support is eligible, please contact the Jewish Foundation at 416.631.5703 or email

Contact Us:

For more information on how you can reach your philanthropic goals through the Jewish Foundation, contact or call 416.631.5703.