About Us

Who we are and what we offer

Philanthropy for a Strong Jewish Future: The Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto is a community foundation that makes charitable giving easy and rewarding so that individuals and families can fulfill their personal philanthropic goals and translate their charitable vision into viable solutions to some of the community’s most pressing needs. Jewish tradition teaches that one of our key responsibilities is to make the world a better place for future generations.


As one of the largest Jewish community foundations in Canada, the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto has been in business and managing millions of dollars in assets since 1962. 


What We Offer:

  •   “one-stop-shop” for all your philanthropic giving
  •   experienced investment advisors for your charitable dollars
  •   a wide range of planned giving options 
  •   a dedicated professional team designed to steward your charitable dollars
  •   philanthropic advisory services
  •   anonymity option 

Mission, Vision and Values



We are dedicated to creating long-term resources to meet the challenges and needs of Jewish community life.

The Foundation works in partnership with individuals, families, private foundations and professional advisors to enhance the Jewish community.




The motivation for Jewish philanthropy remains what it has been for generations: to sustain the Jewish people, to enhance Jewish life and to strengthen the Jewish community.



A Message from the Jewish Foundation


The Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto is here to bring your philanthropic dreams to life.


We all have dreams. For ourselves, our families, our community, our country and our world. But we are not just dreamers, we are doers. Dreams without action remain intangible thoughts. Dreams with action change the future.


The Jewish people know that dreams coupled with action make history. In April 2018 we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the fulfillment of a most impossible dream, the creation of our Jewish State of Israel.


All of us worry about what the future holds, both for Israel and for our own local Jewish community. We don’t have to be passive worriers, we can all do something about it. This is where the Jewish Foundation comes in.


We offer many strategies that will enable you to ensure that the programs and projects that you care about continue to be supported and thrive, which lead to the continued strength of Jewish Toronto and of Israel. Whether you are interested in supporting the UJA Annual Campaign, committing continued funding to a specific project or institution, or creating a Donor Advised Fund that can allocate to charities as needs and interests evolve, the Jewish Foundation has something for you. Our strategies can be funded through cash, donations of stock, insurance policies, bequests and in many other ways. All strategies have meaningful tax benefits.


The Jewish Foundation is now comprised of 1,900 funds holders and planned givers with a value, including expected bequests and insurance policies, of over $580 million. To all our fund holders who have entrusted their funds with the Foundation and avail themselves of the many services we offer to actualize their philanthropic goals, we say thank you. To those individuals, families and organizations who are not yet members of the Foundation family please reach out and talk to us. We have many tools and ideas that can help actualize your philanthropic objectives.

The work of the Foundation is undertaken by a dedicated staff, committed volunteer board and committee members, and devoted donors. We thank all of them for helping to ensure our collective future.




David Matlow, 


Ronit Holtzman, 

Vice President