Book of Life


Every Life Has A Story. What's Yours?

Your story can motivate and engage future generations.

Your story is a record of your values.

Your story can touch lives.



"There is a Jewish heartbeat
 in every one of us



The Book of Life is an ongoing program that recognizes donors who leave a charitable legacy through the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto. To learn more about different ways to leave a charitable legacy through the Jewish Foundation click here.


To add your story, please contact us at 416.631.5703 or​


The Book of Life is an ever-growing archival collection of family stories from those who have left a legacy to ensure the future of the Jewish community.


A chronicle of enduring values, the Book of Life is an important way to encourage future generations to perpetuate our deepest beliefs about tzedakah, community and continuity. There is no minimum commitment needed to be part of the Book of Life.


Donors to the Jewish Foundation are invited to write their story, focusing on their values, reasons for giving, special influences and people who shaped their lives. These stories are showcased at a celebratory event, where donors are joined by family and friends.


Since 2003, this event and the Book of Life stories have become an inspiring tradition in our community.


The Book of Life is a meaningful way to encourage future generations to live by the values of tzedakah, community and continuity. When you sign the Book of Life you are protecting our most precious possessions; our memories of the past and our hopes for the future. You will have the opportunity to pass on your values and life-experience to those generations whose faces we cannot yet see, and whose name we may never know, so that they too will have a rich legacy to inspire their lives.

The Book of Life currently features 378 stories
that express love of family, community, Jewish identity and Israel.

Interested in sharing your story?


For more information about how to leave a legacy and be a part of the Book of Life, please contact the Jewish Foundation at 416.631.5703 or email