Book of Life Stories

Toronto Federation of Jews of Hungarian Descent

As told by Andy Winter

The history and contributions Hungarian Jews made to the fabric of Toronto society is vast. Many people deserve recognition, including my father, Eugene Winter, who was born on December 31, 1910, in Budapest, Hungary. My father’s life was filled with a love for Juda…

Siggy Soudack

My name at birth was Sigmund Silber. I was born in 1935, the youngest of three children. My parents, Israel and Bronya Silber z”l, were hardworking farmers in Poland. After the Germans invaded in 1941, my family was detained in the Jewish ghetto, forced to wear yellow stars and armbands.

Sidney & Doreen Adler z”l

As told by their daughters Sharyn, Wendy & Andrea

Our family story is one of close loving family relationships, Jewish pride, and strong community engagement.

After a whirlwind romance in Winnipeg, our parents married in 1956 and relocated to our dad’s hometown of Vegreville, Alberta.


Sarah Brown & Steven Strauss

We proudly represent the third generation of our family to be inscribed into the Book of Life. The participation of those before us undoubtedly inspired us to join their ranks and to model to our own three children—Raizy, Elijah and David, the importance of tzedakah. Although our children …

Sam & Bella Bojman z”l

As told by their daughter Deborah Bojman

I write this story in memory of my parents, Sam and Bella Bojman z”l.

My parents exemplified what it means to survive and thrive even amidst unspeakable difficult times.

Born in Poland, they were young adults when WW2 broke out. Within the atroci…