Marcy & Leonard Abramsky

“Always choose influence rather than power. It helps change people into people who can change the world.” - Jonathan Sacks

To look back on 35 years of marriage is to look back on the amazing influences in our lives together as we continue to build our family and give back to our community.

Born and raised in Toronto to Herb and Fran Binder, Marcy has many wonderful memories of Beth Sholom synagogue with her grandfather Jack Kreaden z”l, including the traditional songs learned in Hebrew school and marching with Israeli flags at Simchat Torah. As a result of the Jewish community’s support during Herb’s upbringing, his leadership behind the scenes and Fran’s leadership in Hadassah WIZO and Mount Sinai Hospital, Marcy’s parents prioritized the importance of Jewish community and continue to support many causes in Toronto including U of T’s Pharmacy School, Mount Sinai Hospital, UJA and Israel.

Born in Kingston, Ontario (a small city with a proud Jewish community) to Shirley and Mortimer z”l Abramsky, Leonard grew up in a warm, traditional home. Childhood memories include welcoming Queens students for a home cooked meal every Shabbat and Jewish holidays, and attending services at Beth Israel with his grandfather Isaac Borden z”l. Leonard’s other set of grandparents, Ethel and Harry Abramsky z”l, had the means to make a difference through financial philanthropy while Shirley and Mort continued tzedakah while enjoying volunteering and directing their energy towards Queens University, Kingston General Hospital, Hadassah, UIA, and Camp Kadimah.

Our traditional homes, Shabbat dinners and synagogues gave us the Jewish structure, but through our grandparents’ and parents’ examples, we inherited Jewish values and morals. We both define tzedakah as more than just dollars; it can be given through one’s time, actions, engagement, and leadership. Today, we feel blessed to be able to model for our four beautiful daughters: Bonnie (Albert), Hillary (Ryan), Talia and Jillian and our wonderful granddaughters Mollie and Aria. We believe in the strength of Jewish education and Jewish camp life and have been able to provide this path to our children.

We have both served on many community boards and committees; Marcy has chaired the Walk with Israel, the March of the Living and Toronto’s Centennial Mega Mission to Israel and CHAT’s Groundbreaking. Leonard is Past President of Robbins Hebrew Academy (USDS) and started as a volunteer with the Real Estate Division at UJA, chaired UJA Federation’s Annual Campaign in 2020 and is now Chair of the Jewish Foundation.

So, with our past, present and future generations, Jewish community and Israel in our hearts and minds, we inscribe ourselves into the Book of Life. It is our wish that this will inspire our family and the generations to come to live a fulfilling and meaningful life rich in tradition, community, and love for Israel.