Renette & David Berman

One of the most powerful and lasting influences in our lives was a shared legacy of giving. Giving; through many varied manifestations - Spiritual, Emotional, Selfless and Tangible.

We came to this country 29 years ago — leaving everything behind... Country, Careers and Community. Our reason — to give our sons Gary and Mark a better future — a future in a country which embraced inclusiveness, a country which was not propped up by an odious system of discrimination.

Through hard work, perseverance and good fortune, we have managed to regain our place in society — a place of privilege - the ultimate privilege of being able to give of oneself, to help promote important initiatives, to mitigate poverty and to help create and promote new thrusts and directions.

Our main interest has always been women and children - those marginalized by society and circumstances. Our focus is a strong Jewish community here and in Israel.

Our commitment to humanity is now reflected in many different ways through our sons.

It is our belief that one life turned around can have profound, far-reaching possibilities - a compounding effect which has the power to transform many lives for the betterment of all.


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