Sarah Brown & Steven Strauss

We proudly represent the third generation of our family to be inscribed into the Book of Life. The participation of those before us undoubtedly inspired us to join their ranks and to model to our own three children—Raizy, Elijah and David, the importance of tzedakah. Although our children are young, we know they are constantly watching and absorbing what happens around them.

We believe that it is never too early to give, both of our time and of our financial means. We derive much happiness and pride from being a part of Toronto’s Jewish community. We actively participate in our shul; our children attend Jewish Day School; and we volunteer as much time as we can to various charities. We know that our community faces challenges and that there will be more obstacles along the way. This is why we chose to set up our donor advised fund now with the help of the Jewish Foundation and why Sarah has endowed her Lion of Judah gift.

Sarah’s beloved Zaidy Al G. Brown z”l taught us, “Never put off to tomorrow something that you should really do today.” Though it seems more common for people to set up an endowment later in life, we recognized that we could cement our communal commitment now, so that our gift could continue in perpetuity. We believe that many younger adults are capable of making meaningful charitable gestures. They do not have to wait until their golden years. As we have drawn inspiration from our family and community members, we aspire to convey this message to others.