Clara & Richard Cooper

One’s deeds speak louder than words. We witnessed Richard’s parents, Sydney and Florence Cooper, giving generously of their time and money. Observing their involvement was an inspiration to us. We learned early on that giving back to one’s community is very rewarding.

We both have been actively involved in our community for many years. Clara started volunteering for UJA and Mount Sinai Hospital while Richard became the Toronto President of the Technion University in Haifa.

To give gifts of time and money – is both a privilege and a responsibility. Our involvement with UJA, Mount Sinai Hospital, Baycrest Hospital, Baycrest Pro-AM Hockey Tournament, Technion, Reena, Sunnybrook Hospital – and many others – has been very rewarding. The impact on the community, and the relationships and friendships we’ve made along the way cannot be measured.

We do worry about future generations. Will the community continue to thrive? Will the younger generation step up to the plate and do what is needed to protect the future? How will the values of family, hard work, community and Tzedakah be passed on?

We don’t have all the answers but we do know that it is these values that have shaped our lives. We hope that by living them daily we are setting an example for our children: Daniel, Amy & Jay, Jonathan and David. Our endowment gift is one that will endure beyond our own life time – conveying our values and commitment to the Jewish community for years to come.

Teach by example. Inspire through action. Enjoy the fruits of Tzedakah.


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