Camille Dan

The Jewish people is the embodiment of goodness, righteousness, morality and justice, and therefore must survive and thrive forever for the survival of all mankind. Survival of the Jewish people depends upon tzedakah. That is why it is the obligation of each of us to give to the best of our ability.

Giving, in of itself, is what will ensure the survival of our community, the Jewish people at large, and the rest of humanity. Tzedakah upholds our purpose as a people of this world, and is tied to our fulfillment. The world needs us as much as we need the world.

Throughout my life, I have been blessed with so much. These blessings have given me the ability to uphold my obligation to give tzedakah. It is of utmost importance to me to teach this to my children, as my parents taught it to me. This is the essence of legacy. We can pass this duty on from one generation to the next.

My children are my biggest blessing. I have four, three boys and a girl. It wasn’t easy for me to have kids, so I am very, very thankful. I get so much pride being their mom. I realized, from watching my mom raise the four of us, that being a mom is a huge responsibility. I take that seriously. The rest is joy and fun.

I hope that my gift and endowment will inspire my children and others to give to the best of their abilities. It means the world.


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