Steven Davidson & Sari Goldman

From our earliest years, Judaism has played a central role in our value system. Thanks to the incredible love and support of our parents, Roz and Murray Davidson, Bernie and Fran Goldman, we both received an excellent education and a wonderful Jewish experience through tradition and an intense love for Israel. We have lost count how many times we have visited.

Sari has been a Jewish communal professional for a long time. She was first involved with Israel programming and had the unique opportunity to be part of the staff that introduced the world to the amazing Birthright Israel program in Canada. Sari, now a social worker at Jewish Family and Child Service of Greater Toronto, also sits on the board of directors for Save a Child's Heart, Canada. Steve is a veterinarian by profession, with a long history of community involvement.

Having had such fortunate experiences individually, at the time of our wedding we felt it was our turn, as a couple, to concretely begin the tradition taught to us by our parents and grandparents, and we established a fund to which our friends and family could contribute in place of gifts. We always understood and practised the act of tzedakah, but this gesture was our way of making a significant gift that will continue to grow.

Now, five years later, we are the proudest parents to our two children — Liam, three years old; and Ainsley, one year old. We hope to see our influence on them as they grow and begin to understand their responsibility of helping those in need.

Liam, in particular, is at a very inquisitive stage and asks endless questions. So we explain to him in the simplest terms that we must always help others and give back what we can. Liam sees how we volunteer our time, and that, too, is an invaluable lesson.

Giving back to our community demonstrates the act of tzedakah to our children while also reminding our peers that even with all the challenges that come with raising a family, we are in so many respects extremely fortunate and must help those who are not.


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