Jenny Eisenstein

Both my late husband Jacob and I are Holocaust survivors. I am the proud parent of Michael, a lawyer and a doctor of naturopathic medicine and Larry, an artist and a teacher as well as two grandsons, Eli and Jacob who I love very much.

I have learned from childhood through my beloved parents, the value and joy of giving from the heart to the community and the State of Israel to support Yiddishkeit and to always help individuals in need.

In Poland, my parents came from humble beginnings, struggling to provide for us, their children, a comfortable home. WWII arrived and destroyed every dream for the future, changing our lives dramatically for my husband and I.

After many trials and tribulations, we came to Canada, grateful to have the opportunity to start a new life, and as previously taught to support many Jewish charities, including UJA, I am proud to be a founding member of Holocaust Education Week and a fundraiser for the Holocaust Museum in Toronto.

I was blessed with a beautiful voice that was instrumental in my survival. My fellow prisoners hid me during the selection process, their need for their spirit to be restored with my songs. In my new adopted country Canada, I performed at many Jewish cultural events, mostly for charitable purposes.

For me, charity and family are the foundation of my life and that is what I stand for. My hope is that my children will follow my legacy.


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