Michael & Sandra Florence

My husband and I believe that if you are fortunate enough to be in a position to help your community, it is your responsibility to do so. This belief has been the driving force behind our charitable giving.

We feel very strongly about supporting our Jewish community in particular. It is a very important part of the legacy that we wish to leave our children, Ted, Ken, Rick and Karen, and our fourteen grandchildren.

We have raised our children to be decent human beings and to appreciate their Jewish roots.

Mike and I lost our parents at a very young age so our children never had grandparents to tell them family stories of bygone years to help them build their identities.

Although we consider ourselves "secular", we maintain the tradition of gathering as an entire family almost every Friday night for a special Shabbat dinner, as well as for the holidays.

Although our children did not receive formal day school education we have ensured that all of our grandchildren attend Jewish day schools. We took each of our children individually to Israel for their respective Bar/Bat Mitzvah gift and they have all since returned. Now our grandchildren are starting to make that special journey.

Knowledge of one's heritage and pride of one's identity is central to being a Jew today. It provides a sense of belonging.

Clearly, we hold Judaism and Israel close to our hearts and our children have been enamored with the beauty of both as well. They may not have the means or the time to be as involved as we are, but we know that our gift to the Jewish Foundation serves as but another example to them of their impending responsibility.

Until then, we rest assured that our gift makes our affiliation ever-lasting.


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