Dayna Freedman & Adam Enchin

Although both of our families were strongly connected to their respective Jewish communities, and we were both raised to exemplify core Jewish values, the October 7th massacre changed everything for us. It crystallized our thinking and became the catalyst for our recent philanthropic decisions.

Dayna is a product of schooling at Bialik Hebrew Day School and summers spent at Camp Ramah. Her grandparents were firmly connected to their synagogue, Beth Tzedec, including playing host to then Prime Minister of Israel David Ben Gurion on a trip to Toronto. So, support for and love of Israel comes naturally.

Adam grew up in several small communities across Canada, in a family very committed to maintaining Jewish life. He also spent summers at Jewish Camps including Ramah where he and Dayna met. During high school Adam’s father served as executive director of London Jewish Federation. He assisted in campaigns and Jewish events and learned the importance of UJA and the structures of Jewish community.

When we married, it was important to us that our children, Jonah and Natasha, be educated Jewishly. To learn as we did where they came from, who they were, and to be proud of their Jewish heritage. Fundamental to that learning is the importance of the mitzvah of tzedakah, and when the horrors of October 7th occurred, we were galvanized to create a legacy that would support our community at large. Starting with a legacy gift of gold bullion presented to us by Adam’s maternal grandparents at our wedding, we decided to create a fund under the auspices of the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto that could be of benefit to many important Jewish causes.

Never in our lifetimes have we witnessed the antisemitism and anti-Zionism that has flooded our own city as well as the world in just a few short months, so contributing to combatting it is essential for us and models an example to our children. When it comes to giving and standing up for your community, everything—any kind of donation—be it time or money, counts and is appreciated. We do what we can because it all matters. We want to help create a world that prioritizes fostering a strong Jewish identity, particularly through Jewish camping and education, so that our children, and our children’s children, can live in a community supported by the values we both cherish.