Andrew Hoffman and Leslie Giller

Andrew’s early influence in charity work came from his grandfather, John Shulman, who was active in many community endeavours.  Andrew’s first significant volunteer experience was in his early twenties when he served as a Big Brother. In the years that followed, he has been on the board of directors and active in many charitable organizations including Ronald McDonald House, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Mount Sinai Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital.  Andrew is also Co-Founder of Hold ’em For Life Charity Challenge, a volunteer based organization that has raised millions of dollars for cancer research since its inception in 2006. Leslie has also been active in various charitable organizations as a board member and helping to chair fundraising events including Save A Child’s Heart and Partners in Art. 

Andrew and Leslie were both raised in environments that exemplified community involvement and volunteer work and hope to continue this trend in their own family. As parents, Andrew and Leslie have spoken often with their children about the responsibility to help others in a meaningful way.  

For us, giving back to the community is a two-way street and we feel it is important to not only give financially, but to give of yourself as well. We truly understand that with privilege comes responsibility and we hope that our children and our children’s children embrace this philosophy and fulfil our community obligations both here in Canada, in Israel and abroad. We appreciate what it means to be a Jew living in Canada today and how truly lucky we are. The current threat of anti-Semitism is the greatest since the Holocaust and we realize that it is our responsibility as Jews to ensure that the Jewish community worldwide continues to prosper and flourish. There are so many important causes in our community today and we try to embrace those which we feel embody our values and beliefs for both Jews and non-Jews in our global community.


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