Al & Malka z”l Green

Growing up, our parents raised us to understand that our cultural identity was important and needed to be nurtured. Whether hosting Jewish authors and poets or filling the blue and white JNF box every Friday evening, Jewish identity was central to our young lives.

As we matured and became active in the community, we made UJA Federation the basis for our giving. Now, we are pleased to see that our children have learned from our actions and have taken on leadership roles in the community. In addition to working with a variety of charitable causes, they direct a set portion of their income to charity, with a minimum of half of those funds going directly to UJA Federation and related Jewish causes.

Sustaining the community is essential. Reaching out to Jewish immigrants to help them find their foothold in a new city or helping families to endure through trying times ensures the continual growth and continuity of Jewish life in Toronto. Jewish schools are expanding and providing a solid foundation and portal to the community.

Sustaining Israel and her way of life is essential. The State of Israel has made possible the freedom we enjoy here in Canada today, and it is our responsibility to support her in everyway we can. The relationship between Israel and Jewish communities all over the world gives strength to all of us.

We feel that today's community is on firm footing. We want to make sure that the future is secure for those who come after us. Our commitment and that of our children is our contribution to that future.


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