Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF)

Since 1975, medical researchers, oncologists, and lay people have been fighting for a cure for cancer through the work of Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF). Together we harness the knowledge, educational resources, and research of Israel’s best and brightest scientists to help save the lives of cancer patients throughout the world.

Founded in Montreal, we have dedicated teams in six cities across three countries (Canada, the US, and Israel). Our Toronto chapter is comprised of a vibrant team of professionals and volunteers (led by our executive director, Jennifer Ouaknine and lay leaders) who have committed their energy, resources, and hard work to advancing cancer research.

ICRF taps into the unique and proven track record of Israeli scientists who have led the way to some of this decade’s most significant advances in cancer research. Recently, the work of one of our funded research scientists led to a breakthrough in treating pancreatic cancer. Other ICRF funded researchers have discovered new drug treatments for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. These are two examples among many accomplishments in many areas of cancer research. While the work stems from Israeli research, the impact touches people all over the world.

As we look ahead, we recognize that the road to cure cancer has been long and challenging. Who will continue the work we have done these past 45 years?

This is not a new dilemma. In 1992, one of ICRF’s Toronto donors generously stepped up to answer that important question by establishing a fund with the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto to ensure that our work endures beyond any one team of professionals, volunteers, and/or scientists.

We’re in this for the long haul and we count on our community to be right there with us.

Toronto is an exceptional community and we are so proud of the impact ICRF Toronto has had on the global commitment to cure cancer. Everyone has been touched by cancer. The personal experiences and unwavering commitment of our board members, volunteers, and donors is our greatest strength.

But we can’t be complacent. We need the community to keep regenerating this commitment with future donors, volunteers, and leaders to sustain this important work.

If you have not yet been involved with ICRF, we invite you to join us. Come out to an event, meet new people, contribute in whatever way you can with your time, skills, or financial gift. Every contribution counts. Be part of a dynamic movement that will truly make a difference.