Daniel and Deena Kachani

We were both brought up in orthodox religious homes where charity and giving back were core values in our respective families.

I (Daniel) was born in London, UK before my family moved to Canada when I was still quite young. My parents always believed it was important to invest your time, effort, and money into what matters to you most. Jewish education was a big priority for them − so they built a school! The Noam Primary School in London still thrives to this very day teaching Jewish values and education.

I (Deena) was born and raised in Toronto. My parents taught me many lessons about what it means to live Jewishly, and to nurture strong Jewish values. They exemplified this every day and I remember fondly so many traditions, lessons taught, and a home that was a cornerstone to my evolving Jewish identity. I cherish these memories and believe that family is a key brick for communities to thrive.

When we got married a few years ago, we agreed that Tzedakah would always be part of our life. It’s in our DNA and we want to raise our children to embrace this value too.

It’s not enough for us to simply give when asked. We want our giving to be intentional, consistent, and meaningful. So, we created the Daniel and Deena Kachani Family Fund with the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto.

It’s early days for us as a family so the direction and focus of our giving will likely evolve. This fund empowers us to save and be prepared to give when, where, and how we want to direct our Tzedakah. And down the road, we will include our children and make this a family initiative.

Our message to others is that you don’t have to have already amassed your wealth to create a fund. Nor do you have to have all the answers to where to focus your giving. You just need the desire to make an impact. A fund lets you give at your own pace and means.

As a professional in the financial planning world I’ve (Daniel) seen a lot of others establish funds to honour various legacy and life goals. We are blessed to have known about this so we can start early and have a greater impact on the world as our family and Tzedakah evolves. We also feel blessed that we were born into families and communities that taught us well. It’s now our turn to look ahead and make sure we can do the same.