Kieltzer Society

When we, in the Kieltzer Society, decided to contribute a great part of our assets towards an endowment with the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto, our motivation was based primarily on the future of our children and grandchildren. With what we see happening around the Jewish world these days, anti-Semitism on the rampage everywhere, even in our own back yard, and the State of Israel being on alert to safeguard its security, we find the future lies with our younger generation.

No resources are too much to educate our youngsters, to be molded into our future leaders.

As a Holocaust survivor, I know only too well that the anti-Semitic signals we are getting from around the world cannot be taken lightly. The answer is to secure a sound and safe future for our children and the State of Israel. And with the brilliant work of the dedicated staff of the Jewish Foundation and our financial support, we cannot fail.

Written by: Philip Platt, President, Kieltzer Society


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