Motek & Gregory Konopny

UJA Federation is a foundation that we as brothers grew up to be very familiar with. Growing up in Toronto, being of a Jewish heritage it was often spoken about in the context of giving and enriching the lives of others as we have been enriched ourselves. We were lucky enough to be raised in Toronto by parents whose own parents were holocaust survivors.

The stories told to us about a time when Jews were not free to give and support the schools and the Jewish community were numerous. We were made aware of how lucky we were to be educated in Hebrew school and able to learn the customs and language of our ancestors.

Giving and nurturing was an integral part of our upbringing. Our grandparents and parents have been benevolent givers. They raised us with a passion of commitment to one another and to the larger community at hand. Supporting the Jewish community in Toronto is of great importance to us. Our family's philanthropic vision was instilled in us from a very early part of our childhood. We both remember very clearly accompanying our parent at numerous charitable functions. Understanding what it is to be part of a team that accomplishes great things for the betterment of all.

The UJA Federation holds its place in history, both in the present and the future. Toronto is a vibrant and loving community that comes together and unites through the UJA Federation. It is our pleasure to support and empower the wonderful campaigns and projects that involve both Jewish community and the people of the world. We dedicate this interactive display to our families, the community and the world. There should only be health, happiness, peace and prosperity for the people of the world.

Our vision has come to life through our business. Office Supercentre which donates 5% of all client purchases in the form of State of Israel Bonds to the charity of the client's choice. We in return issue tax receipts for their thankful donations. It has been a real joy to see the Jewish people come together to so strongly support what they believe in. It is important to remember and strive for unification amongst the world.

We cherish life and the beautiful breath that one takes.

L'Chaim! To Life!


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