Irving & Esther z”l Matlow

My parents were dedicated Zionists. They believed that Jewish continuity could only be realized in the sovereign State of Israel. But being practical people, they also taught us that while living in Canada, it was important to be committed to the Jewish State.

To be able to live as committed Jews in an open society, it was vital to understand Judaism's distinctive values. To this end, my parents' prime concern was improving the level of Jewish education in the community. Without proud knowledgeable Jews, the future of the local Jewish community, and the possibility that some would make aliyah, could not be assured.

I inherited these beliefs from my parents, and my wife from hers. In my communal involvement, and that of my wife Esther, the emphasis has been on Jewish education and the State of Israel. As Jews raised in the tradition, and feeling fortunate, we have always recognized our responsibility to Jews who maybe less fortunate, and to the community in which we live.

Esther and I gave our children the best Jewish education available in this community. They in turn are doing the same for their children. Our children and grandchildren attended Jewish day schools of different ideologies and religious affiliation. All the schools receive financial support from the community. As parents and grandparents we have been pleased with their education, but we are especially proud of their commitment to Judaism and to the Hebrew language.

Educating our young people today requires a great investment both in teaching aids and in the preparation of capable teachers. We feel that educating our children is the first charge on the resources of the community; the best assurance for Jewish creative, national continuity.

Our family is a participant in the endowment fund to assure that we will raise future generations of young people who are knowledgeable, committed and proud Jews. And this, we hold, can only be achieved through giving all Jewish children the best Jewish education possible.


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