Naomi, Orli and Yael Matlow

Growing up in Toronto and all being of the age where we can appreciate our fortunes and gifts, we all realize how lucky we were and are to be born in a country that values religious freedom and to live at a time where the State of Israel exists and flourishes. 

The Jewish community of Toronto, be it of day schools, camps and volunteer opportunities, has been instrumental in the formation of our sense of pride in Jewish values and the living history that we carry with us and have the responsibility to continue.

Yearly trips to Israel cemented our love for Jewish history and built within us the unwavering appreciation for and responsibility to a Jewish sovereign state. 

As the three of us continue to grow and our studies and careers have taken us beyond Bathurst Street at times, there is always a pull within each of us to do something for the Jewish community, whether it is an advocacy project, a tikkun olam mission or a trip to Israel. Had it not been for the strong Jewish roots of our family and the Jewish education instilled within us in Toronto, who knows where—or who—we would be?


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