Karen Chisvin & David Mazer

Common values of family, friendship, and hachnasat orchim – offering hospitality to guests – brought us together at a Shabbat table. Although we grew up in two very different Canadian Jewish communities – Toronto and Saskatoon – when we met, we found that we might easily have come from the very same neighbourhood.

We both learned lessons of respect, humility and personal integrity from our parents and grandparents. We witnessed their participation in local and national organizations supporting local and international Jewish communities. And then, we joined some ourselves. We watched them help a family member, a friend, a neighbour, or a stranger, and we do the same.

In pursuit of our interest in genealogy, we find that our families share similar dual roots in Eastern Europe. And, as our curiosity extends beyond names and dates to the lives lived, we discovered a long history of caring and concern for family and community. What our ancestors did in their time lives for us today. We know that what we do today can resonate in the future.

By participating in the Book of Life at this time, we have the privilege to honour the memory of David’s parents and the living of example of Karen’s. We appreciate them for the lessons they taught and continue to teach us and our children.

We hope that our children, and all children, will continue to find, as we have done, that although people may live in different countries and different communities, they all come from the same neighbourhood.


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