Karen Morton

I have one life to live, only one chance to make a difference, and I would like to choose how, where and for whom I can make that difference. That is why I decided that an endowment of my Lion of Judah gift was the most meaningful way that I could have an ongoing effect on the future of our community. No one knows what the future will bring, but I do know that my gesture will help, at least in some small way.

I believe that it is both our responsibility and our duty to assist those who cannot alone provide sufficiently for themselves and also to nourish the vitality of our community. The support we provide can manifest itself in so many different forms. I am very fortunate to have participated in many community initiatives and to have witnessed firsthand the dramatic impact of these vital programs. Initiatives such as birthright israel, which I have been very involved with, are helping to ensure that we preserve community and our sense of Jewishness well into the future.

It is very exciting to me to be able to make a contribution to the Jewish community that will be everlasting. I hope that it will carry a message to my grandchildren and great-grandchildren:that I cared — about them, about our community, about Israel and Jews all over the world; that life is like a circle, and what you give to others will eventually come back to you. I hope that future generations of Jews in Toronto will be fortunate enough to benefit from what the community has to offer, and that they will understand — perhaps more clearly by reading this book — that if you give to community, you will receive far more than you ever give.


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