Paul Penna Downtown Jewish Day School

The Paul Penna Downtown Jewish Day School, founded in 1998, is a relatively young organization that carries with it a rich history and contributes to the wonderful collection of stories that make up our Toronto Jewish community. Our school is a dynamic entity that fuels the pulse of a vibrant and unique urban community. We take enormous pride in being a model and incubator of Jewish life in downtown Toronto. Our location at the corner of Bloor and Spadina places us among a community that has helped build our city’s Jewish story for over three generations. Our place in Toronto is one of our school’s core values, playing a key part in our educational mandate and the way we relate to our students and families.

On their commute to and from school, our students are a part of the diversity of our city. Our learners are immersed in the community-at-large and we use our location for learning opportunities coupled with meaningful Jewish experiences at every possible corner—often literally.

Our school is a true example of diversity and acceptance, with families that embrace Judaism, coming to this part of their Jewish life from a plethora of experiences.

Ours is a community within a community where our supporters remain steadfast and true. Like many institutions, Paul Penna DJDS has weathered storms that come with growth. Now at the beginning of a year of celebrations in honour of our twenty-fifth anniversary, we are thriving as an educational institution with strong finances and governance.

The sources of our school’s philanthropic support can be traced to a multitude of groups: our visionary leaders and founding families, our dedicated current families, our exceptional faculty, our loyal grandparents, and our devoted alumni families. This speaks volumes to the commitment and lasting connection of our school community.

Our various funds at the Jewish Foundation reinforce our mission, helping to bolster financial accessibility for our student body, deepen our educational platform and build the capacity of our exceptional faculty. This will help to ensure our longevity and secure our place as an important and sought after community institution.