Phillip Platt z"l

As a Holocaust survivor I know only too well the dangers of complacency. When times are good it's easy to forget—our past, our history, our struggles and who we are fundamentally at the core of our Jewish identity. This complacency—even today —still threatens our future. We can't let that happen. We must be deliberate, committed and proactive in ensuring our continuity.

How do we keep the Jewish story alive and thriving from generation to generation? By investing —not just our money but our minds, heart and souls — to fully engage our young people so that they will carry the torch.

Education is integral to this — not just the formal academic learning but also the day-to-day lessons and values associated with living Jewish. We must always ask: What is it to be Jewish? What does our past teach us? What do we aspire for our future? How do we express our core values as the world changes — and as we grow with it?

We need the infrastructure, support and commitment of the Jewish community to nurture this learning.

No matter where you live in the Diaspora I strongly believe that Israel is fundamental to our place in the world today and to our continuity. Without Israel we wouldn't be as free and secure as we are today. It goes both ways —we need Israel and Israel needs us.

Ultimately it's up to all of us within the Jewish community.We are a diverse people but we share a common bond in our history and in our future. We have to put differences aside and work together. The answer to our future is multi-faceted and complex. If we are not all in this together, we will have no more story or future to speak of.


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