Felicia & David Posluns

A tapestry is the result of many individual strands woven together to produce a beautiful pattern of richness and colour. It is a perfect metaphor to describe our family’s involvement in Jewish life. Aside from its literal significance — our fathers’ were involved in the schmatah business as partners — it also symbolizes how strongly every family member across generations has contributed to the fabric of our Jewish identity.

We were both raised with a deep appreciation for Israel and Jewish tradition, ranging from Jewish education to holiday observance and repeated family trips to Israel. The extensive involvement of our parents in Jewish organizations combined with Felicia’s father’s experience as a Holocaust survivor have helped shape our own family’s Jewish identity and reinforced our commitment to building a vibrant Jewish community in Toronto and a strong Israel.

Each of our children – Aaron, Stuart and Julia – has also been influenced by and wrapped in this rich Jewish fabric. They have discovered their own passions and areas of interest in the community not only through us, but through attending Hebrew day schools, Hebrew camp, and volunteer work in numerous community projects and organizations. Furthermore, at every gathering, like our weekly Shabbat dinners shared with our extended families, a Jewish or Israeli related topic is a standard item for discussion or contemplation. We share all of our experiences together as a close knit unit.

By establishing a family endowment fund with the Jewish Foundation, we are expanding the tapestry for our children by providing them with the ability to be continually educated and involved in all aspects of philanthropy. They have seen their family names, both Posluns and Zagdanski in many places but will now be a part of a formal decision-making process. Their commitment and involvement can now be pulled tighter.

We are grateful to have had this philanthropic path paved by our parents and we are fortunate to be in a position to give back and carry on a legacy. Our involvement is inspired by the adage ‘No one remembers what you did for yourself but what you did for others’.


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