Lolly Hope Propas z”l (February 14, 1948–March 29, 2001)

Lolly Propas will always be remembered for her outgoing personality, positive outlook, and her laughter. Above all Lolly valued family. An outstanding mother to Brandi and Jordan Z"L, she was the glue that held her family of origin together, as well. Lolly was inspirational, encouraging, and forgiving — attributes that make for a perfect mother and wife. Without doubt Lolly would have enjoyed our grandson, Jesse Leib, who is almost two years old.

Not surprisingly, when Lolly Z"L was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she was not about to let it interfere with her ongoing caring for her family. For the three years following her diagnosis, Lolly continued to live life to its fullest — travelling with the children or just the two of us, attending family celebrations and holidays, savoring each moment, and making lasting memories for us.

Lolly appreciated the availability of help for families in our situation. Community agencies such as Circle of Care’s hospice volunteer program were instrumental in our coping and managing at that time. Lolly would be pleased to know that a new fund honouring her memory was established to help individuals with cancer get support for incidentals otherwise not covered. Accessing this fund will help people with cancer cope better and enjoy a better quality of life.

Unfortunately, the expectation of Lolly’s passing was overshadowed by the tragic death of our son, Jordan, just twelve days prior in a car accident as he was returning to school after visiting with his mother. Jordan’s friends have established a camp fund in his memory, and to date, forty-five campers have been able to enjoy various summer day camps.

It is comforting to know that Lolly’s name will live on through Lolly’s Hope Fund. It is a reflection on her commitment to living life to its fullest, no matter the hardship and circumstances. Lolly will be remembered just as she was — for her laughter, her love of life, and her helping and encouraging nature.

as told by her husband, Lorne Propas


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