Gerry & Shelley Richler

Both of us grew up in homes where Jewish values, Jewish traditions, Tzedakah, and contributing to the enrichment of our communities were central themes. These are values which helped shape our lives and which we wish to pass on to our own children.

Both of us saw the example of our parents giving both time and money to a wide variety of Jewish organizations as well as other institutions that helped our wider community.

It was only natural for us, when we took our place as adults to choose to contribute in whatever way we could. We have devoted our energies and funds to Hebrew day schools, our synagogue, UJA Federation and a variety of other organizations.

We knew that by setting this example, we were demonstrating to our children that life was much more meaningful if you give as well as receive. How wonderful it was when we learned that our oldest son had become President of Hillel at the university he was attending. By taking on the mantle of responsibility, he was living proof that our traditions had been passed along to the next generation.

Through our involvement, we have become acutely aware of how difficult it is to fund all the worthy causes within our community both at home and abroad. Unfortunately, there simply are not enough resources to meet all the needs. That is why when circumstances allowed, we were pleased to set up a Donor Advised Fund at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto. The fund is a perfect way for us to share ideas and projects that are meaningful to us and feel that we are making a real difference in critical areas of need.

We feel strongly that our lives have been enriched in such a positive way by our involvement in community; the friends we've made, the experiences we've had, the lessons we've been able to pass on to our children.

We are privileged to live in a community that offers so many services to those in need and where one can live a vibrant Jewish life regardless of religious affiliation. It is rare to find such a broad and all-embracing community. We are proud to be able to do our share to contribute to the vibrancy of this wonderful community and hope that others will be inspired to do the same.


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