Paul & Gella Rothstein

Both of us care deeply about our community and believe it deserves the very best. Although it has faced many challenges over the years, the Toronto Jewish community has remained vital and strong.

During our many combined years of active involvement in UJA Federation and the United Synagogue Day School we learned some very important lessons. In the early 1980s there wasn't a dollar to spare in the community budget. It was very frustrating to be a member of the UJA Federation Budget and Finance Committee, and to vet legitimate and appropriate requests from organizations that were in desperate need of support and not be able to help them. The money just wasn't there. Basic programming was compromised and opportunities to enhance or augment were missed.

That experience taught us the importance of solid financial resources and the importance of endowments in securing the future for our community. To ensure it would be sustained "from strength to strength", the financial cushion of a community foundation made sense to us.

We chose the vehicle of an insurance policy to establish our endowment fund. That way, we can make a far more significant gift than would have been possible during our lifetimes. When we initiated the policy none of our children were married and we preferred to leave a gift outside of our estates, as our own family's future was still unknown.

As parents and grandparents we feel so good to be contributing to our community's future well being.

A healthy and innovative Jewish community is beneficial for all, including our own grandchildren.

With adequate funding, the pursuit of excellence in social and educational programs need not be compromised.

With love and pride, we maintain this responsibility in honour of our children and grandchildren.


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