Minnie z"l & Harry Saffer z"l

Our parents, Minnie Z"L and Harry Saffer Z"L shared an encompassing love for one another and for their family and community. This abiding love is the blessing our parents bestowed upon us; their eternal legacy that we will hold close to our hearts and treasure always.

At the core of every piece of their life stories stands an everlasting and unrelenting love for their children, and for family. A love that persevered through the loss of our father when he was only sixty years old, and a love that embraced our mother, sheltered her children, and withstood the loss of our brother, John Z"L.

That love, like a prayer shawl, wraps around our shoulders now; the fringes are our children, and our children’s children…our continuance. As the tallis is folded and placed in a velvet pouch, its essence remains at the core of our souls; the silk and tassels softening and becoming more precious over the years.

We each have poignant memories of Friday nights, where we would gather at our parents’ table. The light of the candles cradled within our mother’s hands as she sang the blessing; the look in our father’s eyes as he sat proudly at the head of the table. These were enchanting moments, and ones that rooted our lives and made us understand the significance of our heritage, of family, and of community.

May this endowment flourish in their memory and act as a legacy for their thirteen grandchildren and fifteen great grandchildren.

Morris Saffer, Dodi Weill and Jacqueline Markowitz


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