Michael and Lom Schelew

I believe that it is important to lead a meaningful Jewish life which can be accomplished, in part, by doing acts of tzedakah and tikkun olam. These Jewish and universal values transcend any one person and have taught me to think beyond myself. Tzedakah and tikkun olam constitute a humble way of giving to others. I have always been proud of being Jewish which includes being proud of the Canadian Jewish community with all its accomplishments and contributions to Canada over the years. I am also proud of the many exemplary organizations within the Canadian Jewish community. The commitment and dedication of all those who volunteer inspire admiration and respect. This volunteering is also a concrete manifestation of Jewish solidarity. Jewish organizations in Canada strive daily to ensure that no one is forgotten or left behind.

I believe that the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto is a wonderful vehicle for ensuring the continuity of the Canadian Jewish community. I know that there is still much more to be done to ensure a vibrant Jewish future in Canada and the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto is an important vehicle to achieve this objective. Even though my contribution to the Foundation can make a difference, I believe that more can be accomplished if as many individuals as possible contribute financially to the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto. Together, we are stronger and this togetherness is the cornerstone of Jewish continuity in Canada and around the world.


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