David M. Sherman

I grew up with a strong sense of values from my parents: education and hard work to achieve one’s goals, and giving back to the community. I’ve always felt that it’s my obligation to do what I can to support the Jewish community and Israel. It’s simply the right thing to do.

I’ve been very blessed in my career and in all of my life. I’m fortunate to be able to demonstrate to my children and grandchildren that, while I have provided for them, I am also doing my part to help secure the future of Jews, Judaism and love of the Torah, both here and in Israel.

For me, a strong and safe Israel is crucial as a place of safety for Jews all over the world, and as a country whose accomplishments, commitment and morality we can be proud of. And a vibrant Jewish community here at home depends on Jewish education and other community programs that connect us and teach our children who we are and where we come from.

I trust the Jewish Foundation to allocate its resources to support Jewish life, Jewish continuity and communities in Israel in a balanced way, and so I’ve chosen to leave a substantial portion of my estate to the Foundation.


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