Marsha & Eric Slavens

Our parents, Marsha and Eric Slavens are true role models and the personification of Jewish values and neshama. They have instilled in us a devotion to Israel, our community and, most importantly, to our families. Their kindness, compassion and commitment inspired us to live the way we do today as spouses, parents and community members.

Throughout our lives we were surrounded by the spirit of tzedakah and other important Jewish values. Whether it was their involvement in Soviet Jewry, The Downtown Jewish Community School, Canadian Jewish Congress or State of Israel Bonds, our parents always knew the importance of giving back to the community. We will never forget how our family watched proudly as Natan Sharansky landed in Israel, after years of effort our mother put into his release from the former Soviet Union. Our father’s pride in our community continues to show as he initiated a Heritage Toronto plaque program to commemorate the contribution of the Jewish people to our city.

Love and support for Israel play an essential role in our lives. Beginning with Randal’s bar mitzvah at the Kotel, our parents encouraged us to study and live in Israel, and they visit our Jewish homeland every year. We look forward to one day bringing our own children to Israel so that they, too, will appreciate its beauty and significance in the lives of all Jews.

Our parents continue to play a vital role in our lives, especially now that we have our own children. They are a devoted Bubbie and Zaida to their four grandchildren and have elevated their regular daycare pickups and kindergarten seders to an unprecedented level.

After over 30 years of dedication and commitment to their family, the community and Israel, they refuse any formal recognition. So, just what is their reward? Standing under the chupah at our weddings; watching Samara’s Purim play at Bialik; Bubbie holding Risa’s hand while saying the Shabbat brachot; Isaac asking Zaida for a quarter to put into the tzedakah box, and Reuben’s radiant smile when he sees them. That’s recognition enough for them.

Shared with love and honour,

Randal Slavens, Hannah Wasserman, Shirley Slavens, David Wasserman, Samara Paige Slavens (age 5), Risa Faye Wasserman (age 4), Isaac Reuben Slavens (age 3), Reuben Evan Wasserman (age 2)


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