Michael & Rebecca Soberman

We are living a life of privilege. We are privileged to have our families close to us and to be guided by the strong morals and values of our parents; to live in a thriving Jewish community; to work in such a vibrant community and to live comfortably; and, privileged to be blessed with two beautiful children, our daughter, Jordyn, and our son, Joshua.

Additionally, we both chose to pursue careers in the Jewish community and have had the unique advantage of intimately understanding the many agencies and programs that service all segments of our community.

For these reasons, we chose to set up the Soberman Children Endowment Fund. We believe it is never too early to start teaching our children the importance of tzedakah and the lesson of appreciation. We value our lives based on what we have, not on what we have not. We wish to instill these values in our children from an early age.

The fund, set up just following the birth of our second child, is intended to grow as our children do. They will eventually decide how they wish to designate the funds. In the meantime, as milestones are celebrated in our family - such as brit milah, birthdays, bat mitzvah and bar mitzvah, and graduations - the fund will grow and our children will be well aware of the significance.

The fund was established to remind our children that they must appreciate what they have and to remember that there are many others less fortunate, who they have the opportunity and obligation to help. Our hope is to see the fund become a mainstay in lieu of certain gifts. And ultimately, the fund will, in fact, be a tremendous gift to our children’s program or project of choice. The impact of the fund is far greater than any material object and with a much longer shelf life. We are very excited to watch our children gain an appreciation for the beautiful act of tzedakah!


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