Jeff Springer

I grew up in a home which stressed Jewish tradition and values. My childhood memories include watching my father put a coin or two into the pushka before lighting candles on Shabbat, attending shul regularly and watching the news about Israel. These values of tzedakah, yiddishkeit and being concerned about our fellow Jews no matter where they reside have guided me throughout my life.

I was fortunate, with assistance from UJA Federation, to graduate from Associated Hebrew Schools and CHAT. I entered university wanting to become a dentist, however through my involvement in Hillel, UJA, and youth work, I realized that my passion was to do whatever I can to strengthen Jewish life and build community.

By becoming a Jewish communal professional and devoting my life to a strong Jewish future, I am living and fulfilling my values each and every day. In leaving an endowment as part of my estate I believe I am leaving a legacy which speaks to the values that have guided my life. My wife Leslie and I have tried to instill in our children Shira and Noah a true sense of tikkun olam, an obligation to repair the world, and Kol Yisrael Areyvim Zeh Bazeh, all of Israel is responsible for one another. We are pleased that they are active volunteers at UJA Federation events and have begun making gifts to the Annual Campaign at such young ages.

Our endowment to the Jewish Foundation is simply an extension of what we closely value and what we hope will last far beyond our lifetime.


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