Susan & Wilfred Steinberg

"Israel said, Behold our children are our insurance. G-d said: It is by their hands that I give torah to you"
Song of Songs, Rabbah 1,2,3

Ever since I can remember, giving tzedakah and doing loving acts of chesed were part of the values and actions passed down to me from my beloved paternal Bubby Z"L and my dear father Z"L.

I have always loved to study and learn Jewishly. I have continually searched out Jewish learning opportunities. Several years ago, I found "my" teacher, a wonderful woman whose Torah teaching enlightens and inspires me. With her, my connection and commitment to my Jewish path has deepened as my breadth of understanding of tradition has grown. I embrace with fullness of mind, heart, and spirit the rich words of our ancestors as they grappled in their life journeys, with the meaning and responsibility of Covenant.

The everlasting Covenantal agreement made between G-d and Abraham, and again at Mount Sinai between G-d and the people of Israel, is to be guarded, kept, understood, and transmitted from generation to generation. My knowledge must be balanced with action. Personal responsibility and obligation to engage in my Jewish world is the Jewish way! My lech l‘cha journey begins with me, and as I grow, my personal commitment expands to embrace family, community, and ultimately future generations.

The concept of leaving an endowment to UJA Federation inperpetuity allows me the privilege to honour my personal Covenantal commitment. How exciting to know that I can be connected forever to my people both in our Toronto Jewish community and in Israel! By fulfilling this obligation, I become a partner with G-din Covenant.

This is an act each of us can do in our own way and at our own level; it is not about wealth, but rather about responsibility, commitment, and connection — about doing the right thing. It is about choosing to seize the opportunity! Each of us can then form a link between the past and future. To opt in — to positively engage in this mitzvah - can ensure the continuity of our people!

You have just read what resonates for me through my voice and my hope is that my passion will push you to listen to what stirs a spark within you. I am confident that together we will create a strong and vibrant Jewish community forever.


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