Larry & Judy Tanenbaum and Family

"Teach your children well." — Crosby, Stills & Nash

Words and action go hand in hand. You can make a difference through acts of love and kindness. Wherever you go in life, carry your deep pride in being Jewish.

Yes, our parents, Larry and Judy Tanenbaum have taught us well. Their boundless passion and compassion, their unwavering commitment and endless dedication to the family unit and the Jewish community leave us feeling grateful and inspired. They have woven an unbreakable thread through generations, one that weaves their strong Jewish values through us and down into our children.

We promise to do our best to continue on in their example. We will teach our children to think beyond themselves. We too will stress the importance of family, of education and supporting the dream of a peaceful Jewish homeland. We, as our parents have taught us, will pass down what it means to be Jewish inside the confines of our own homes, within the larger community and even on the world stage.

Our parents, Larry and Judy Tanenbaum have taught us by example. On a daily basis, we are inspired by their generosity of spirit, motivated by their acts of Tzedakah and Tikkun Olam, and strengthened by the Jewish values, identity and customs they have instilled in us. We thank our parents and promise to teach our children well.

Written by the children and grandchildren of Larry & Judy Tanenbaum:

Julie & Kenny Albert
Ken & Jen Tanenbaum
Lisa & Jordan Gnat

Jamie, Emily, Maddie, Perry, Lauren, Alex, Jack, Benjy, Ethan and Dylan


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