Linda Waks

My husband Fred and I are both first generation Canadians. Growing up with a keen awareness of the struggles faced and the sacrifices made by our parent's generation in Europe, especially Fred's father who is a Holocaust survivor, we realize how fortunate our lives have been and are grateful for our many blessings. The values that our parents instilled in us are the same ones that we endeavor to teach our four daughters; Jessica, Marlie, Whitney and Ariel: to embrace our cultural heritage, to cherish our loved ones, the importance of honesty and integrity at home and at work, the importance of education and the obligation to help those less fortunate than us. We try to lead by example and our lives have been greatly enriched through our various charitable commitments.

We believe the history of our ancestors is an inextricable part of our identity. Israel is the link to our past and the key to the future of the next generation. We were raised in the relative peace and security of the post-war baby boom. Unfortunately, our children no longer have that luxury and this has heightened our awareness of our responsibility to perpetuate Jewish values. That is why we believe so strongly in the importance of the work carried out by UJA that assists our brothers and sisters in Israel and in our own community with their many needs. We must make sure that our own community remains strong and committed to its Jewish values, not only to ensure our own continuity, but to help secure the future support of Israel.

We are proud to be part of a large, vibrant, spirited and dedicated group of volunteers who make Toronto a philanthropic leader among the Jewish communities of North America and the world. It is our hope to teach and empower our children to carry on this important work and to secure the continuity of the Jewish people for generations to come.


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