Kimberley & Craig Walters

For over 100 years, generations of Toronto Jews have dedicated their energy, passion, time and resources to create the thriving Jewish community we now share. We are proud to be a part of a vibrant Jewish community that is a beacon to Jews around the world.

As a couple, we feel a tremendous responsibility to perpetuate the legacy of those who came before us. We only feel comfortable and proud being Jews in Toronto today because of what those who came before us made possible. We believe it is our duty to keep building and investing in the future.

The funds that UJA raises through the annual campaign, special campaigns and through the Jewish Foundation contribute so much to the richness of Jewish life in Toronto and Israel.

Despite the challenges we are currently facing, we believe that in the future, our grandchildren will look back and see that we were able to overcome them by the work that UJA and its partner agencies collectively accomplished.

We are unique as a people in terms of the values we share. Passing those values down to our kids and future generations is deeply important to us. Ingraining the value of tikkun olam into the fabric of our family’s life through volunteerism is our passion.

From Craig’s co-chairing the annual campaign, to Kimmy’s volunteering at our children’s day school, at Baycrest on the Palliative Care Floor and on UJA Committees—giving our time has reinforced how crucial it is to give back to respond to the most urgent needs of our community.

We have learned that sharing common goals and values creates stronger bonds.

Sharing the experience of giving with our children from an early age has empowered them to grow up with a greater appreciation of what they have, and we know they will carry on supporting Jewish causes in the years to come.

As we gather weekly around our Shabbat table with our parents, Lynne and Sonny Walters and Elayne and Irwin Wortsman, and our children, Jayden and Jonah, we feel inspired to perpetuate the legacy of giving back.

We are privileged to invest in the Foundation and to make a gift for the future. Our hope is that our children are inspired by our example and understand that giving back in whatever way we can is our duty as Jews.