Marcia and Arthur Zalev

As we reflect on our story for the Jewish Foundation’s Book of Life, we are immensely grateful for so much: for our family; for being part of such a vibrant Jewish community; and for the opportunities to live our Jewish values and beliefs freely. We are always mindful of those who did not have that privilege. 

Our parents were tremendous role models of tikkun olam. Marcia’s parents, Florence and Louis Goldkind, immigrated to Toronto from Staszow in the 1920s. Her mother would have been a great social worker - she was always helping others, with assistance from Marcia’s father. Even strangers would confide in her. One of Marcia’s first memories is accompanying her mother door-to-door as she canvassed for the Red Feather/United Way. Her parents were equally dedicated volunteers in the Jewish community. Their commitment within and beyond the Jewish community inspired Marcia, and she too has had a rich volunteer life. 

Art grew up in Windsor. His father Charles immigrated from Pinsk in 1912, and his mother Beatrice was from Detroit. His father built a successful scrap business with his brothers. Deeply committed to the Jewish community, Art’s father served on many boards, and was a Negev dinner honouree. When the Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue, where he had been President, faced a financial crisis, Art’s parents were there to support it. This was just one of the many ways they made a difference. Art has said many times: it has always been a given for us to contribute meaningfully in whatever ways we can. That’s what we were taught. 

Healing has been a constant theme for us in our personal and professional lives: Art as a physician, and Marcia as a social worker. We have both seen first-hand how much good can come when people receive even a little of the right support at the right time. The opportunity to establish an endowment with the Jewish Foundation gave us the chance to extend our support to those who need it most - even beyond our lifetime. 

We cherish our Jewish way of living, and have always felt a sense of being part of the Jewish people, links in a living chain. Our hope is that our community (here, in Israel, and beyond) continues to thrive. Continuity is not just bringing forth the past. We must all find ways to engage and spark a sense of Jewish purpose and meaning in the generations to come. 

To our beautiful children, Suzanne and Craig, Michael and Jennifer; grandchildren, Amanda, JB, William, and Nathan; and future generations -we love you, and this is for you. 


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