Poverty does not Discriminate

In fact, poverty within the Jewish community, as it is outside the community, continues to be a significant issue and one without an easy remedy or solution. 

More than 24,000 Jews across the Greater Toronto Area live below the low income cut off.  This includes our friends, neighbours and other members of our community who we cross paths with every day.  Unfortunately, the stigma of poverty in the Jewish community continues to keep the issue hidden.

Fortunately, UJA Federation’s Supplementary Financial Assistance Program (SFAP),
a life-transforming initiative administered by two of the organizations many beneficiary agencies, Jewish Family & Child (JF&CS) and Jewish Immigrant Aid Service of Toronto (JIAS Toronto) is making inroads to reducing the ravaging impact of poverty on the Jewish GTA’s most vulnerable members by combining direct financial assistance, counselling and rehabilitation to Jews in need. 

Naomi and Marc, both in their late 30s with two young sons, know firsthand the impact the SFAP can make. 

The couple approached JF&CS when they realized they simply couldn’t do it alone anymore. Naomi had sustained a back and leg injury, making her unable to work and, with Marc as her only caregiver, he eventually lost his job at a bank due to too many absences.  They soon ran out of savings and options, so they turned to JF&CS.

Jewish Family & Child assisted the family by providing supplementary financial assistance, referral to group services, Chanukah and Passover financial support and counselling.  Today, they are doing fine and grateful for the helping hand given to them.

As needs increase, the program will continue to play a pivotal role in alleviating the suffering of the poorest of the poor in the Jewish community. SFAP will continue to assist those who need to choose between paying the rent or buying food for their children. The SFAP provides clients with a sense of dignity and hope for the future.


Unrestricted Fund


Provides a sustaining financial resource to address opportunities and needs within the community. The Community Fund is the largest unrestricted fund at the Jewish Foundation created to support projects which preserve and strengthen the quality of Jewish life reflecting the aspirations of the community as guided by the highest principles of tikkun olam.


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