Personalized Philanthropic Plans


We are your philanthropic partner.

We are here to help you discover your philanthropic passions and make thoughtful, strategic decisions.

Your philanthropic plan may include the Jewish and general community.  We provide access to our in depth knowledge of the community and we specialize in Jewish philanthropy.


To help you fulfill your philanthropic goals we offer information and tools to guide you:

1. Customize your plan


While it is impossible to support all causes or needs, it is important to consider your goals and objectives to determine what is right for you.  We can help you simplify giving.


What do you value?

  • Think about a list of the values that drive you - consider your personal and professional life.


Now consider:

  • What values are most important?
  • Think about the values that motivate your philanthropic decision making
  • What are interests or causes that you care about the most?
  • What life experiences have impacted your life?
  • How do you want to be remembered?


2. We are here to help and offer Customized Research


The Jewish Foundation fulfills its mission by educating and motivating donors through meaningful charitable opportunities.

The Jewish Foundation strives to find creative projects in need of funding - rich with potential and meaningful to our community - enabling donors to direct their philanthropic dollars to programs reflecting their interests.

Click here to see some of the projects and programs in need of financial support.


3. Family Philanthropy 


Some families are fully aligned and may be ready to work with their next generation(s) reflecting their shared values. Other families are pulling in different directions and may wish to create vehicles that allow for shared giving as well as some segregated decision making.  We are available and ready to work with you to engage your next generation(s) into your philanthropic giving.


Next-generation family members will bring new perspective and questions to your family’s discussions about philanthropy. Establishing a multigenerational approach to your giving will change the way your family communicates – and your family’s impact on the community.  A great way to share your values.


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