How You Can Help

This is a sample of our community's current needs.
All projects can be supported in part or in full. 

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Kosher Meals on Wheels 

Bernard Betel Centre’s Kosher Meals on Wheels (KMOW) program provides nutritious meals to our community’s most vulnerable and isolated seniors. Recipients of these meals face complex challenges including mobility issues that preclude them from shopping and preparing their own meals. The COVID-19 pandemic has only caused greater barriers to accessing nutritious food on a regular basis.


Gifts to KMOW will enable the incredibly dedicated staff and volunteers at the Bernard Betel Centre to continue offering this critical lifeline to 500 seniors (most of whom are Holocaust survivors). Without additional support, these seniors will be waitlisted for these vitally important meals. No senior who needs these meals should go without them.



FUNDING NEEDS: A gift of $3,600 will ensure that 21 seniors receive three nutritious meals each week for one month.

JCC Children's Subsidy Program

The JCC Children’s Subsidy Program enables vulnerable children whose parents are experiencing financial hardship to learn, grow, and flourish in our Jewish Community Centres. During these formative years (6 months to 13 years), essential JCC programs shape children’s identities, connect them to the Jewish community, and start their journey on a path to success. JCC’s Children’s Programs provide Jewish children with vital experiences that support their social, emotional, educational, and physical development. Today, approximately 1,000 children require a subsidy to participate in programs such as summer camp and Hebrew school. These programs are the first step of their Jewish journey.


FUNDING NEEDS: A gift of $5,000 will provide subsidies to 10 children, giving them the opportunity to learn, grow, and participate in our vibrant Jewish community.

CIJA's Action Alert Campaign


The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) is the advocacy agent of Canada’s Jewish Federations. One of the most impactful tools in CIJA’s efforts is the Action Alert platform. This cutting-edge technology provides a streamlined, user-friendly way for community members and supporters to send personalized emails to all levels of government across Canada. In 2020, CIJA mobilized tens of thousands of Canadians to send more than 600,000 emails advocating for government action to combat antisemitism and hate, stand up for Israel, and ensure the needs of the most vulnerable are being met.


FUNDING NEEDS: A gift of $2,500 will fund one Action Alert campaign, making sure that elected officials see a groundswell of grassroots community support for the issues that matter most.