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Help support one of these initiatives. All projects can be supported in part or in full. 
The initatives listed are just some of the programs and projects in need of financial support.





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Helping Women leaving Abusive relationships 
provide for their families 

Jewish Family & Child helps women leaving abusive relationships through crisis intervention, counselling, education, as well as other services along with financial support. 


If we ever hope to end violence against women, we must face the reality that woman abuse exists in all socio-economic, ethnic and professional groups. 



For $1,000 you can provide six weeks of groceries for a woman leaving abuse. 

Ensuring Students Achieve their full potential


Learning disabilities, ADHD, anxiety, or depression can often stay hidden and impact a student’s performance and behaviour both in and outside of the classroom. Through psychoeducational assessment students identify their strengths, manage their challenges and build a path to success at school and in life.

A psychoeducational assessment identifies areas of strength and weakness in a student’s learning profile, and provides a deeper understanding of their educational abilities.


Through JVS Toronto, for $2,800 you can provide one student from a low-income family with a psychoeducational assessment. 


Building life and social skills through 
recreational programming


Reena’s outreach programs build life and social skills through recreational programming, as well as, help individuals with disabilities integrate into the community. Individuals who attend these programs have the opportunity to socialize, develop independence and access their community. 

The Athletic Club, is a weekly program tackling different sports. It provides individuals with the opportunity to make friends, develop social skills and be part of a team. 

For $1,800 you can give the gift of the Athletic Club to 10 individuals 
with developmental disabilities.

Helping one jewish family at a time


Kehilla is the go-to agency for affordable housing in the Jewish community. Through Kehilla’s rental assistance program, individuals and families are empowered with the resources and energy to pursue education, employment and a better life. 


Kehilla Residential Programme’s Rental Assistance Program assists qualified households with up to $300 per month to live more affordably in the Jewish community in Toronto. Rental assistance allows clients to live in safe and clean environments, and generally cope financially 
and mentally.


For $3,600 you can help one family with rental assistance for  one year.



The city of Sderot is physically located less than one kilometer from the border with Gaza. Its citizens have been forced to cope with the threat of daily rocket attacks for over 15 years. Yet, this former development town in the northwestern Negev is a symbol of remarkable resilience. Students and determined young families have moved to the city to rebuild, revitalize and strengthen the community. 



High-school robotics opportunities


High-school Robotics teams provide students with advanced Robotics training, hands-on experience in robot building, development of leadership skills and tools for personal and career development.


For $5,000 you can sponsor a high-school Robotics team for six months, provide the team members with educational opportunities and support them through national tournaments.