Jewish Future Promise

Join the Jewish Future Promise Movement

The Jewish Foundation and UJA Federation of Greater Toronto are proud to partner with Jewish Future Promise, a visionary global initiative dedicated to preserving and enriching Jewish heritage for generations to come. The Promise asks Jews and allies alike to make a moral, non-binding commitment that if any charitable contributions are made upon passing, at least half of those charitable contributions will support Jewish causes and/or the State of Israel—whether it’s $10 or $10 million.

Together, the Jewish Foundation, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, and the Jewish Future Promise will advance a shared vision and commitment to secure a vibrant Jewish future, sparking critical intergenerational conversations about Jewish values and bringing about a culture of legacy giving. Join the tens of thousands of people around the world who have already made the promise!

$600 Billion plus interest opportunity of 50% pledged

Right now, there is an unprecedented opportunity to secure the funds necessary for a vibrant Jewish future. Over the next 25 years, approximately USD $68 trillion will transfer to the next generation, with USD $6.3 trillion allocated to charity. We estimate that 20 percent of this allocation, or USD $1.26 trillion, will be given to charity from Jewish donors.

By signing the Jewish Future Promise, you can help ensure that more than USD $600 billion is set aside for Jewish causes when wealth is transferred from this generation to the next.

Together, let’s promise to make a difference in the world—now and into the future. Learn more here.


Making the Jewish Future Promise is an opportunity to talk to your family and friends about the values you hope to leave behind, and why the Jewish future matters to you. Check out these resources for conversation starters, how to create an ethical will, and writing a legacy letter.


Warren & Debbie

"Our parents learned their Jewish values from their parents and, in turn, passed them on to us through the example of their daily life. Tzedakah, in particular, was a core value, as we learned to take individual responsibility for our giving while also appreciating that giving collectively made for greater impact. Our parents left an important legacy for our own kids, grandkids, and community - by signing the Jewish Future Pledge, we are making sure that their lessons will continue to impact future generations for decades to come."

Jessica & Robbie

"Jewish continuity is an important concern for us, and we hope that by signing the Jewish Future Pledge, we can contribute towards building a strong and vibrant Jewish Toronto of tomorrow. It is our dream that our future children and grandchildren will take pride in continuing and nurturing our commitment to the Jewish community and will remain strong in their identities as Jews."

Switzer Myles

"It is a tremendous privilege to have the ability to give back to the Jewish community. I am more honoured than I can say to participate in the wonderful and vital venture of the Jewish Future Pledge, thereby ensuring that our descendants will have the opportunity to grow and thrive in a Jewish atmosphere. My beloved late husband, Lou Myles z”l, would be so proud that we can make this contribution to help Jewish children go from strength to strength."

Karen & Paul

“A motto which we have lived by, and one we taught our kids is, ‘with privilege comes responsibility.’ We should all lead our lives as examples to others, have moral values, and follow Jewish tradition. For our entire married life (60 years so far), we have always consciously given more than 50% to Jewish causes. We have made it clear that our legacy will continue this practice. We still hear the echo of our parents' voices saying, ‘first, we take care of our own, then we take care of the world.’”